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DBF LogoTEAM PHOENIX are delighted to announce a sponsorship deal with The Douglas Bader Foundation. This marvellous charity supported the team in its previous incarnation as Bader’s Bus Company. The support that the foundation has provided will help to provide the high level of flying training required to operate displays to the highest standards of excitement & safety.

InvictusWe plan to fly at the opening ceremony of the inspirational Invictus Foundation Games at The Hague in the Netherlands in May 2022. These fantastic games were founded by HRH Prince Harry to showcase the athletic achievements of servicemen & women injured in service from all over the world.

  • The team will commence training up their display in Summer 2021 under the tutelage of Jez Hopkinson, Team leader & owner of the Yakovlevs UK Air display Team and Display Authorisation Examiner.

  • Spitfire Display pilot Test Pilot and Rolls Royce Head of Flight Operations Phill O’Dell will act as an associate advisor to the team.
 Phoenix T.News Jez

Jez Hopkinson will offer tutelage & has undertaken
the position of mentor and aviation ambassador
for Team Phoenix.

Jez is the teamleader and owner of The Yakovlevs
Air Display Team. The Yakovlevs are a 6 ship
formation aerobatic display team & one of the
most established air display acts in the world. 

Jez is one  of the UK’s  most experienced air
display team leaders having led the Yakovlevs
for 20 years where he has flown over 2000

He is a UK CAA Display Authorisation Examiner &
has undertaken to train the team to stringent UK
display standards this spring and summer at
Henstridge Airfield in North Dorset.